• Testing and commissioning services of Substation Equipment’s from 400 KV to LV system.
  • Deployment of Experienced Engineers for Factory Acceptance Test & Third Party Inspection.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Power supply Equipment’s.
  • Installation of LV Power and control cable laying and cable trays inside substation and building premises.
  • 33/11 KV Cable laying and 33 kV and 11 kV Cable Termination and joints.
  • Residual Life Analysis (RLA) study for substation and Plants Equipment’s.
  • Consultancy services in area of diagnostic test, type test and life assessment of HV equipment’s.
  • Deployment of DEWA, FEWA, ADWEA, ADDC and AADC approved Engineers for utility Substation projects.
  • Project Management Support in availing Power Electrical NOC’s from Government Entities.