DNJ Team have been accepting Challenges through out this pandemic season on various aspects and have never exhausted or delayed in delivering results on time. DNJ Project Leader Mr. Saurabh stated with a deep relief that “The journey of adhering to the Factory Acceptance Tests dates for SEWGA—Al JADA-132kV– Control and Protection Panels were very much challenging. However, DNJ Teamwork Proved again and Our Clients were satisfied with our Quality Services and Commitment”.

The Factory Acceptance Tests for SEWGA– 132kV Al JADA Substation was carried out ONLINE for the Main Client SEWGA from Feb 1, 2021 to Feb 4, 2021 and was successfully completed.

The ONLINE Tests were witnessed by SEWGA Technical Experts Mr. Shankar N, Mr. Veerapan N , Ms. Rikku Miriam and other experts from M/s GECO and M/s SIEMENS. The FAT was completed as per the technical specification of clients requirements.

DNJ Management congratulated the DNJ Entire Team for the dedicated determination and efforts taken during this success journey.